France 2017


A good journey, catching the ferry at about 2pm. Arrived at the Centre at about 7pm (French time - we are an hour ahead). Spag bol with French bread for evening meal, followed by ice cream. A walk by the sea this evening, skimming some stones on the way, followed by a bedtime story and learning to sing a French lullaby! All quiet now as I write this - a good night's sleep to set us up for a busy day tomorrow.


Lovely weather today for our visit to the underground city (caves) at Naours. After lunch, a walk to the windmill and a play in the park. All the children asked for their drink/ice cream at the cafe in French! Relaxing at the Centre this evening.



Hot and sunny today. A walk into the town of Cayeux this morning and cakes from the Patisserie - very yummy and sticky! The children asked for their cakes in French (with a little help from Mrs Bulmer) and the lady in the shop was really impressed with them and said they did really well. A visit to the beach at Berck sur Mer this afternoon, calling at a supermarket on the way, with fidget spinners(!) still a popular buy. Fantastic beach (huge) where we played on the sand, returning to the Centre in time for evening meal.



Another very hot and sunny day at Bagatelle theme park - great fun for everyone. All packed up this evening for an early start in the morning. These children have been absolute stars this week - hopefully they've had a great time. Long journey home tomorrow - see you soon!