Charging for School Activities 


Educational Visits

As part of your child’s education, it is the policy of the school to arrange from time to time visits during the school day, to places away from the school premises when it is believed these will enhance children's understanding and appreciation of a topic or subject. When the visits requires transport and/or admission charges, parents will usually be invited to make a voluntary donation to the overall costs. Payment can be made by instalments over an extended period. Unfortunately, if insufficient voluntary contributions are made, school visits will be unable to take place. The school significantly subsidises most trips through profits made from fundraising throughout the year. As a 'rule of thumb' this usually equates to roughly 50% of the true cost of the visit, per child.

Sometimes when a particular visit directly matches a key aim the governors have for all children while at Primary school and that visit is particularly expensive,a  subsidy of more than 50% may apply.


Residential Visits

These are organised well in advance of the actual visit. Parents/carers can pay in instalments. It has been school policy in recent years to use Pupil Premium income to ensure all children can access residential opportunities, irrespective of family income.


After School Clubs

No charge is made for after school clubs, whether these are run by school staff or external providers. Allocation of places is made on a 'first come, first served' basis.

Extended Care (see separate tab on left)


Breakfast Club

A small charge is made for Breakfast Club, however Breakfast Club is free to pupils for whom the school receives Pupil Premium.


Extended Nursery and After School Care

 Charges apply and are reviewed annually