School Meals

School Meals

All children in Reception and KS1(Years 1 and 2) are entitled to a free school meal. If parents/carers can prove entitlement, a free school meal can be provided for children in Year 3-Year 6). Otherwise, the cost of a meal is £2 per day. Money for meals should be sent in advance each Monday morning, in an envelope with the child's name written on it.

School meals are cooked on the premises and are of a high standard. A colour coded menu selection system operates, enabling children to pre order food they know they will enjoy. A copy of the current school meal menu is provided below.  If you require your child to receive a school meal, download and print the menu, then choose the meals your child would like.

Packed Lunches

Children may bring a packed lunch in a named container. We ask that no sweets or fizzy drinks are included. We expect children to drink from a cup or use a straw. Water and cups are provided if necessary. Remains from the children’s packed lunches are replaced in their container to allow parents to see what their child has actually eaten.

Children who go home for lunch

Children may of course go home for lunch, but parents are responsible for their safety as they travel to and from school.

Lunchtime Supervision

Children are supervised at lunchtime by three lunchtime supervisors. Outside play equipment is available.

During the winter months children of school age play on the yard, but during other times of the year, weather permitting, use is made of the school’s extensive and attractive grounds.

Children are expected to maintain high standards of behaviour at lunchtime, and show the same respect towards lunchtime supervisors as they would teaching staff. Good behaviour is rewarded.