Requests for future Nursery places should be made directly to the school office once a child has passed their second birthday. Birth certificates are checked, places are allocated, a home visit is made and the child normally begins Nursery just after their third birthday.

All other admissions(Reception to Year 6)  are administered by School Places and Admissions section, County Hall. Prospective parents should contact 03000 265879  or email


Admission to Community and Voluntary Controlled Infant, Junior and Primary Schools

Oversubscription Criteria:

If more children want a place than there are places available, we will offer places according to the following criteria, strictly in order of priority:


  1. i. Children in Public Care 
  1. ii. Medical Reasons

Pupils with very exceptional medical factors directly related to school placement. 

  1. iii. Sibling Links

Pupils who have a brother or sister already attending the preferred school and who is expected to be on roll at the school at the time of admission.

       iv. Distance

Pupils who live nearest the preferred school measured by the shortest walking route. This will be based on the parents’ address. Where the last place to be allocated would mean that a multiple birth sibling group i.e. twins, triplets or other multiple birth sibling groups, would be split, the sibling group will be given priority over other children.


Measuring of Routes/Distance


We use a Geographic Information System (GIS) to measure the shortest walking route. The shortest walking routes are measured from the nearest entrance to a house (e.g. front gate) or flats (e.g. front door of the main building) to the nearest school entrance.


Admission to New Brancepeth Primary School Nursery follows LEA criteria and procedure.


1. Parents request that their child’s name be put on the Nursery waiting list giving details of child’s

name, address, date of birth.


2. Parents receive written acknowledgement of the school’s recording of their child’s name on the

waiting list.

Criteria for Nurseries offering places to children are as follows:

i. Children ‘in need’ in accordance with the Children Act;

ii. Children with previous experience of LEA or primary education;

iii. Date of entry to primary school.


3. Parents are notified when a place is available for their child to start Nursery.


Parents must note that, once a place is accepted at a particular Nursery, they cannot transfer to

another LEA Nursery unless the family has moved to a different area.


To ensure your child's transition into school is smooth, please download and complete the following forms. These will then need to be submitted to the school office.


Call Parents Cool Milk
Data Collection Home Reading Agreement
Medication Photos Permission

Paper copies of these forms can be collected from the school office and will be distributed at the Nursery open day. If you would like to arrange a visit to school prior to your child starting, please contact the school office.