Attendance Policy

Children are encouraged to arrive promptly, ready to enter school at the latest for 8.55 a.m. Achievement is affected by absence from school, spoiling the continuity of children’s learning. We ask that parents only keep children away from school for medical reasons or extreme circumstances. It is requested that dental and medical appointments take place out of school hours, whenever possible.

Regulations require schools to register absences as:

1. Authorised

(where a letter or phone call is received promptly explaining illness or medical appointments).

2. Unauthorised

(where no explanation is offered for a child’s absence).

Unauthorised absences appear on your child’s annual report.


We insist that parents notify us promptly, with reasons, if a child is absent from school. In line with County guidance, the school will contact the parents on the first day of absence if no explanation is received. Absence without an explanation may involve the school taking statutory measures. The school rewards good attendance and sees attendance and punctuality as important life skills.

Reporting Absence

Absence Form